Internet Marketing – Inbound Links, What They Are and Why and How to get some Quality Ones!

Any virtual assistant who has a little inside information on how the Internet search engines work will tell you that the most effective way to get your web site picked up and listed high within the search engines listings, and particularly in Google, is to have lots of high quality inbound links. So what is an … Read more

Advertising Your Virtual Assistant Business on a Budget – Lesson Four – Press Releases

Press Releases are useful for generating a buzz about your  virtual assistant business. The business editor at your local newspaper will always be on the lookout for a good business story to fill the business news section of the newspaper. Of course, the business editor understands the economics of running a paper and is more … Read more

Want To Be A Virtual Assistant?

Setting yourself up as a virtual assistant is an exciting step but one which should not be taken without some serious consideration. Starting any new business, particularly one where you work from home, can appear either a stimulating or frightening prospect, or both, depending on your perspective and experience. Breaking out from the ‘employed’ world … Read more

Virtual Assistant VIP Day

Put your foot on the accelerator to success with this fast track to success VIP Intensive Day.  The VA SUccess Group pack in months of worth of coaching, mentoring and learning into a one day intensive strategy session that focuses solely on your business – no-one else but you! What would it mean to you … Read more

File-Sharing Made Easy

As a virtual assistant you need to share files in some way with your clients. Often you will find your clients are happy to email latest versions of documents and spreadsheets backwards and forwards and some even have a file-sharing system in place that you can have access to. But what happens if your client … Read more

Virtual Receptionist Services

CSnotepad offers a range of virtual office services and telephone call answering services designed with the customer in mind. We are experts in professional and affordable virtual office solutions for businesses as well as inbound and outbound call handling services. The team wanted to put together services that stand out from the rest by providing … Read more

Who answers the phone for you?

Do you offer your clients call handling? And if you do, do you answer the calls yourself or do you use a third party? And who answers your business calls when you are not in the office? Would your business, or that of your clients, benefit from a polite, efficient team of 3 receptionists?  All … Read more

What a Palava – Your Event – Your Team

You have been given the task of organising the next gathering of important clients or colleagues. You rightly demand the highest levels of quality and service to create that special atmosphere that will impress every guest. It could take hours, even days, to source the caterers, flowers and many other services that are needed to create the right mood…and you still … Read more

VA Success Group Launch Website Design and Hosting Packages for Virtual Assistants

Following the hugely successful launch over the last few weeks of their very useful Document Packs and the extremely exciting VA Entrepreneurs Group, the VA Success Group has this week launched another much needed virtual assistant product to their arsenal, Website Design and Hosting Packages for Virtual Assistants. With an individually designed 6 page website … Read more