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How A Creative Virtual Assistant Can Become a Real Business Asset by Justine Curtis

Don't get dragged down by doom and gloom, we all know that although the economy is in recovery, the recovery is slow, redundancies are being made left and right, and uncertainty is everywhere. That may be the case, and perhaps that's precisely why right now is the best time to become a creative problem solving Virtual Assistant.

Many small businesses, Virtual Assistants included, think they're in the business of selling their products or supplying their services. Successful businesses; those that thrive in more trying times, are those that realise they exist to solve their clients’ problems. Are your clients having a rough time and contemplating how to drive up profits or save money by reducing costs? In difficult times these problems don't go away - they increase. So for a keen problem-solving business (like yours!) there's plenty to be getting on with.

Treat creativity as an asset
To really add value to our clients we must understand and unlock our creativity. In affluent times, creativity and innovation are often seen as soft skills, nice to have, but not really taken very seriously. In more troubled and changing times, your creativity can become your biggest asset.

Have a Brainstorming Session
Next time you are having an update with your clients, ask what they consider to be their greatest problem right now. Then both of you get a piece of paper, turn that problem into a question and write it at the top, e.g. 'How can I increase sales?' or 'How can I improve cash flow?' and so on. Then, between you, brainstorm and write down at least 10 answers to that question. Write down everything you can think of and don’t stop until you have at least 10 each. Include everything that comes up, no matter how whacky, you never know where these sideways ideas might lead when you discuss them in more depth.

Investigate the good and the bad
When you have at least 20 ideas, go through the list with your client and discuss each one. Talk about how realistic they are and which merit further investigation. Then pick the top 3 favourite ideas to explore, and get to work. Now you’ve not only generated more work for your business, you’ve become an indispensable problem solver for your client and a real business asset.

About the Author

Justine Curtis is the director of her own successful virtual assistant business My Virtual Assistant and founder of The UK Association of Virtual Assistants (UKAVA) which offers free resources and information to its subscribers – sign up at Justine is the author of Setting Yourself Up As A Virtual Assistant and is delighted to be able to pass on the benefits of her vast experience of the VA role to aspiring and progressive virtual PAs as a co-founder of the VA Success Group. If you are thinking about starting a virtual assistant business, visit


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Virtual Assistant Mentoring

Put your foot on the accelerator to success with this fast track to success with one of our Virtual Assistant Mentoring Packages.  There is no better way to learn than one to one with someone who has already achieved what you want to, a successful Virtual Assistant business.

Let's face it - leaving the security of corporate life and starting out as a virtual assistant can be a frightening prospect. 

Time and time again we come across immensely capable, professional and highly qualified PAs with years and years of experience who feel so overwhelmed by the thought of going it alone that they never get started.

And we meet other virtual assistants who have got started but have then found it a lot tougher than they thought as they don't really have a clear plan of action - they're not really sure what to do and are just thrashing around in the dark trying to find ways of getting business.

We know what that feels like!

In our early days as virtual assistants, we had all those feelings of panic and self-doubt too.

We wasted time and money trying to figure out how to get set up, how to get clients and make a profit. Eventually we did work it out BUT how much easier would it have been if someone had just shown us what to do?

Do you want to blast through the confusion and have a clear, step by step blueprint you can follow to really build your business to the level you know it can be?

Start taking action immediately.

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Want To Be A Virtual Assistant?

Setting yourself up as a virtual assistant is an exciting step but one which should not be taken without serious consideration. Starting any new business, particularly one where you work from home, can appear either a stimulating or frightening prospect, or both, depending on your perspective and experience. Breaking out from the “employed” world and into one where you are your own boss is an exhilarating prospect, but being responsible for that business and solely reliant on yourself to generate your income can be a very daunting reality.

We have published a guide designed to raise some points you may not have considered and pose a series of questions you need to ask yourself in order to decide whether setting yourself up as a virtual assistant is really for you. If you decide it is, what follows is a list of steps to help you navigate your way through this new alien self employed environment and put you firmly on the road to success - all for just £9.95

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