Business telephone numbers with virtual switchboard services. Forward the number to your home phone, mobile, or a call handling service. One number that you are in control of at all times.

Virtual Reception Services / Call Handling

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Virtual assistant business insurance

Being an essential part of so many businesses means it’s difficult to keep track of what’s what. With lots of loose ends to tie up, things get missed, forgotten or just not done correctly. 

If something does go wrong, and your client loses out, they’ll look to you to fix the problem, or compensate them if you can’t. Better brace yourself and dig deep because that means calling on the legal people. And your overdraft.

But there is another way. If your client alleges you’ve made a mistake and sues, professional indemnity insurance looks after you by paying your legal defence and any damages you’re liable for.

Having it means you’re free to keep running your business; leaving your reputation, your bank balance and your client relationships intact.

And the best bit? Every UKAVA member gets 10% off their professional insurance with PolicyBee. It’s payable by interest-free Direct Debit too.

So, for a quote and instant cover, click hereVirtual

Useful Organisations

The following organisations can provide useful information and advice to both new and established businesses.

Inland Revenue

British Chambers of Commerce

Department of Trade and Industry

Data Protection

Companies House

The Better Payment Practice Campaign