Carbonite – online backup made simple (and cheap!)

Hands up who backs up all their data regularly? And as well as backing up everything onto another hard drive, memory sticks or CDs and DVDs, who also backs up online? If you don’t what happens if your office catches fire, or on a very topical note, if you have a flood? Aside from those catastrophes, how many times have you backed something up only to find that when your computer dies and you need those backed up files, the back has failed or you simply forgot to do it? Did you know online back up is easy, cheap and secure and once it’s set up you can forget all about it? Welcome to Carbonite, a genius little programme that backs up everything you need without fuss or drama. Install the software in minutes and tell it what files you want to back up and let it get on with it. Then once it’s completed the initial back up of everything you need, it just sits there in the background, updating files and documents in the backup folder as you update the files on your computer. You don’t have to remember to do anything, it does it all for you. And all this for just $49.95 per year, which at today’s exchange is a little over £25. Not much for complete peace of mind is it? Oh yes, and did I mention the free trial?

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