Virtual Assistant Training – Why Every Start Up Should Invest In Their Education Part 1

What vital things do you need to know when starting out as a virtual assistant, apart from how to manage a busy schedule and deliver an impeccable service?

People who consider setting themselves up as a virtual assistant often come from an administrative or PA type role. They have flawless administrative skills and know their way around the various software packages they need in order to complete those tasks for their own clients if they decide to forge ahead with their own VA business.

But what don’t they know? And do they even know what it is they need to learn before starting out?

The idea of having your own business and using your talents to be your own boss and earn a better living is a very appealing one. But how do you actually run a business? Providing the skills you have to help clients complete tasks or projects is indeed part of that. But there’s a lot more that you need to know.

For example:

How do you set your rates?

How do you make sure you get paid?

What equipment do you need – and what don’t you need?

How do you register a company – or do you need to?

Do you need insurance, and if so what kind?

What policies and procedures do you need?

Where do you find clients?

What effective and inexpensive ways are there to market my business?

How do you stand out from the crowd?

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