How to Get Involved With Social Media – Facebook

Many of us have used Facebook for personal networking for many years. But did you know you can also use if for business? Again it’s a great way to connect with people with similar interests and it’s easy to build relationships by interacting with other people in your network.

virtuYou can also create fan pages for your business and post events to advertise particular product launches.

Why Is Social Media Important?

Social Media has provided everyone with a platform to air their opinions, views and grievances with anyone around the world. People who use Social Media often become highly influential and are seen as experts in their own sphere and can develop large audiences around their area of interest.

Communities of like-minded people are forming around common interests over the Web regardless of where they are based in the world because the regular restrictions of geographical locations do not apply.

Top Ezine Housekeeping Rules: Invite Interaction

Don’t forget to ask your readers for their comments, questions or future topics they’d like to see covered. The whole point of writing an ezine or newsletter is to build a relationship with your prospects and invite further interaction. You want them to take the next step by picking up the telephone or dropping you an email. Let them know it’s not only OK for them to do that but how and where they can contact you.