Do You Skype?

I’ve always tiptoed around using Skype for the simple reason that I have quite enough telephones to deal with already and when I first used it many moons ago, I would have the situation where I’d be on the office phone and during the conversation my mobiles would ring, followed closely by my PC speakers as someone else tried to get through on Skype. But recently I’ve thought it deserved a second look and now I’m converted. First of all I discovered that you can change your status so that you can appear busy or offline so no more multiple ringing telephones to raise my stress levels. When I’m busy or on another call I now just set the status to “not available”. Of course we all know that Skype to Skype calls are free, which is great when we are all feeling the pinch and trying to keep our costs down. Clients love it too, especially when they are abroad. Did you also know that for the minute monthly subscription of £1.95 plus VAT you can have free unlimited calls to all UK landline numbers? And with any subscription package you also get a free online number which means that anyone who doesn’t use Skype can call a normal number from their telephone and it comes through your Skype, so now you can go and work in your favourite coffee shop and still be contactable by telephone.Then I discovered all the other amazing other things you can do with Skype such as conference calls and video calling – great for client consultations. You can also forward your Skype calls to your landline or mobile. Now I’m asking myself, do I really need a landline?


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