Becoming a Successful Virtual Assistant

Many Virtual Assistants start out in their businesses by working towards the finish line of what they perceive to be a successful VA business. They will research online what everyone else is doing and strive to achieve something very similar. They will spend time deciding what services they will offer, how they will offer them … Read more

Gaining Control of Your Social Media

Are you spending hours a day posting Tweets and Facebook updates, or more time than you can spare on keeping up with LinkedIn and the like? Have you heard of Hootsuite? Hootsuite will allow you to post social media updates across multiple accounts and even schedule them in advance. There are analysis tools, so you … Read more

List Building to Fill the Sales Funnel

I’m sure you’ve all heard of the sales funnel, where you start at the top filling the widest part of that funnel with prospects, and they filter through your sales funnel, inevitably decreasing in numbers along the way, until ultimately a number of the original prospects purchase a product or service from you. The key … Read more

File-Sharing Made Easy

As a virtual assistant you need to share files in some way with your clients. Often you will find your clients are happy to email latest versions of documents and spreadsheets backwards and forwards and some even have a file-sharing system in place that you can have access to. But what happens if your client … Read more

Top Ezine Housekeeping Rules

The following series will look at some housekeeping rules, which will ensure that you follow the strict etiquette of email marketing, while presenting yourself and your business in a professional and ethical way. Make sure your subscribers actually subscribed There is nothing more annoying than being inundated with unsolicited sales emails. We all hate it. … Read more

Do You Need Nagging?

You know how it is, you’ve been flat out meeting deadline after deadline for your clients and you’ve been turning away lots of new prospects as you simply can’t take on any more. You really want to expand but what’s the best way forward? Get an office and some staff? Work with associates? Or worse, … Read more

New Client Document Templates Pack

You are all set up and ready to go: got all the equipment, sorted out your website, printed some business cards, even done some networking. Then it happens… you get your first prospect! Oh, no! Panic! What information do you need to give them about you and your business and how it all works? What … Read more

Virtual Assistant VIP Day

Put your foot on the accelerator to success with this fast track to success VIP Intensive Day. We pack in months of worth of coaching, mentoring and learning into a one day intensive strategy session that focuses solely on your business – no-one else but you! What would it mean to you if you could … Read more

Virtual Assistant Survey

Each year SVA gathers information on the UK’s virtual assistants and share the highlights with you in a free summary report.  You don’t need to be an SVA member, but must be UK based and have at least one active virtual assistant client in order to take part.  Your results are totally anonymous and we … Read more

Want To Be A Virtual Assistant?

Setting yourself up as a virtual assistant is an exciting step but one which should not be taken without some serious consideration. Starting any new business, particularly one where you work from home, can appear either a stimulating or frightening prospect, or both, depending on your perspective and experience. Breaking out from the ‘employed’ world … Read more