Advertising with the UKAVA

Thank you for your interest regarding advertising options with the UK Association of Virtual Assistants.

We currently offer three ways of promoting third party services or products to our members, blog readers and newsletter subscription list.

  1. Affiliate System.
    If you have a recognised, shopping cart driven affiliate system in place where we can log in and monitor sales, and we are paid automatically on a regular basis, we can list your products on a commission per sale basis. To use this option, please set us up on your system and let me have details of our affiliate links, payment schedule and commission rates and your information will be added to the web site under the Resources section. We will also feature your product in at least one UKAVA newsletter per year and we can also accept a guest blog post if you are able to provide one.

  2. Advertising.
    Alternatively, if you do not currently have an affiliate system set up, we carry adverts on our web site as detailed below:
    Advertising package includes:
    • Featured banner advert on appropriate page in the UKAVA Resources and Links section.
    • Featured product editorial on one edition of the monthly UKAVA newsletter (2500+ active subscribers)
    • Featured product editorial on the UKAVA’s blog ‘UKAVA Blog’ – shared across all our social media accounts
    • Annual fee £199.95 – 12 month term

  1. Guest Blog Post
    One featured product editorial on the UKAVA Blog including up to two graphics and two links to your website/product. Our blog posts are shared across all our social media accounts.
    One off fee of £69.95.

I hope you find one of these options is a good fit for your business and look forward to hearing from you soon.

Please email your requirements to