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Website Mistake 9: No testimonials or case studies to demonstrate your expertise

One of the easiest ways you can create customer confidence in you and your business is to post testimo­nials on your web site. Don’t even think of writing these yourself (I’m sure you wouldn’t) but ask your clients to write … Continue reading

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Website Mistake 5: Missing or hidden contact information

Have you ever visited a web site that you think offers the ideal solution to your problem, but you’ve got one question to ask before mak­ing your purchasing decision? You go to the Contact Us page to look for the … Continue reading

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The Secret to Virtual Assistant Success is in the Numbers

So here we are, fast approaching another year end. It’s around now that I run a bit of a review of how we’ve done over the past year. What has worked and what hasn’t, what’s up and what’s down. So … Continue reading

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Virtual Assistant Marketing – Niche to Streamline Your Efforts

When you market to a niche you are targeting a very small select group of people. With research you can identify what that group of people have in common and in what areas where they will all be struggling. This … Continue reading

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