Supporting The Mango Tree Orphan Support Programme

Meet The Mango Tree OrphansThose of you that know me will know that I am a huge supporter of humanitarian charities, and particularly those that work in Africa. I’ve trekked in the Peruvian Andes to raise funds for Oxfam and sponsor two orphaned sisters in Kenya to provide them with a school uniform, shoes and socks and their school lunches for a whole year - all for less that I spent on two pairs of shoes for myself last month. I’ve been looking for a smaller charity to support for a while and am delighted to say that I’ve finally come across The Mango Tree, a UK registered charity THAT SPENDS NOTHING ON UK ADMINISTRATION, yes really, no UK overheads what-so-ever, nothing, nada. Every penny of every donation goes directly to where it’s needed. You cant argue with that can you?

Did you know that £2 can make the difference between an African child getting an education or not? In Kenya and Tanzania primary education is free but children need a uniform to be allowed to attend school. The uniform costs just £2.

Please help me support The Mango Tree by providing essential help to orphans in Africa, enabling them to make a better life for themselves by getting an education. Please forgo the Starbucks just for today and donate the £2 to buy a child a new uniform so they can go to school, or donate £70 as a company and buy a whole year of secondary education for a committed student wanting to make a better life for themselves and their family.

 Whether its £2, £70 or anything in-between, your donation will make a huge difference to the people who really need it.

Thanks –

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  1. Reu says:

    Hi Justine,
    On behalf of the Orphans in Africa (Kenya and Tanzania) I would like to appreciate you for the effort you are doing to support them fulfill their dreams. It is through great people like you that these young minds are empowered to face and reach their destiny. May the almighty God enlarge your territory and bless every work of your hand.

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